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The New Year is THE Time for New Vision
Written By: Mark Smith

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I love the New Year! Christmas with all it's pressure and stress and time with crazy making family members is thankfully over. The slate is clean. It is 01/01. It is a fabulous time to take your emotional pulse. Where are you going? What is your heart telling you? What is your next big thing? What is your next small thing? Who are you? It is time to search your soul and discover your right and healthy path for 2010. I believe that much of life's success comes from having healthy goals and then working hard to meet them.

Indianapolis Marriage Counseling Information Make some time to pay attention to your heart. Get quiet. Start writing. What is your heart tugging you towards? Do you have the courage to pull the trigger on what is right for you in the new year or are you going to just bumble along without direction of heart? I am not talking about resolutions. I am talking about being true to your heart and your soul and your nature. I am talking about being tuned into your gut and having a balanced, attainable yet lofty vision for your year. Each minute that we get on this earth is a gift. This year may be your last. How do you want and need for 2010 to define you?

Is it time to finally address your marriage? If it is broken and distant please stop ignoring it! It could explode on you at any moment. Fix it while you can. Is it time to take some risks in your career? is it time to explore a hobby that makes your heart beat faster just thinking about it? Attack 2010 with a blend of organization, vision, clear headedness, courage, spunk, fight, inspiration, determination and faith.

Listen to your heart and then write down every new direction, new plan and new idea that comes to you. Study that list of goals. Share them with your closest friends. Share them with excitement and zest. This a new time for you. Dance a new dance. Write a new poem. Stretch yourself. You have more growth in you than you think. You can make more money. You should not take no for an answer. There is no 'no'. There is only 'hell yes, I can do it'! You are worth having big dreams for wonderful things for you and yours. If you have this kind of faith you can bless and inspire everyone around you. Let the slow burning embers in your heart start to burn brighter. Let them turn into a raging fire that consumes doubt, wasted time, depression, boredom, insecurity, confusion and hopelessness.

Indianapolis Marriage Counseling Information Really. Go for it in 2010. You can have a blast doing it. I know that I will. It is not just another month. What you do in this decade will define you. Get after your life with vigor and joy and single heartedness. It is time.

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