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It's Complicated Movie is Simply Delicious
Written By: Mark Smith

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I get a lot of early movie buzz about relationships issues from my marriage counseling clients. I knew that I was going to the show Friday night when three couples came in early in the week just raving about Meryl Streep, Alex Baldwin and Steve Martin's new movie 'It's Complicated'. They said that it was hilarious and a good therapy movie and they were right on both counts. 'It's Complicated' did for divorce adjustment what some past Steve Martin movies did for dysfunctional families (Parenthood) and the kid getting married (Father of the Bride)and that is normalize and process a heart wrenching topic with humor, grace, depth and heart in positive and entertaining way. It showed that even 'broken' families can get along, can connect and have a sense of 'familyness' in spite of the divorce. That is a good thing.

Indianapolis Marriage Counseling InformationI hadn't had so much fun at a movie in a long time. I almost started crying from laughing too much. The whole place was laughing a lot. And it wasn't the gross, toilet, four letter word, 'cool' humor that Hollywood panders the teenage boy crowd with in 80% of the movies made these days. Frankly I'm really tired of that crap. While it was adult humor it was just truly funny while not being gross or embarrassing. Alex Baldwin was ridiculously impish, childlike, romantic, family centered, adorable and funny. Ok, am I metro sexual for calling Alex Baldwin adorable? He was though. I had no idea that he could be so funny. It felt like to me that he stole the show.

The three twenty something kids were cute, wholesome, together and altogether too perfect. They acted like mature adults while the 50's somethings were experimenting with their second adolescences. I am not knocking second adolescences or we middle agers need to be there. I just thought that the kids could maybe be a little more layered than smiling props who were perfect in every way. My teens aren't quite so positive and put together although they are every bit as good looking. Steve Martin's character was sweet and he had depth, but there was a scene where the 'wild and crazy guy' got to come out and play too. And Meryl Streep was, well, Meryl Streep.

The movie did for me what I need a Friday night movie to do for me for the $10.00 I paid for me escape my stressful week, make me belly laugh, make me think and this one even made me cry! I think I owe them about $140.00 since my going rate is $150.00 and I'm pretty sure that I got more chuckles and therapy out of the movie that most folks do out of a typical run of the mill session.

In one scene Meryl Streep was hanging with her home girls over lots of wine and desserts when one of them said to her 'you have Feng Shuied your whole life, you have blossomed'. That is what midlife is all about, even if you remain married. It is about making your life totally work for you. It is about having hobbies that bring you boatloads of joy and zest, friends that bring you laughter and support and a sense of purpose that makes getting out of bed everyday a blast on most days. It is about having a better love life then you did in your twenties because you are both young and mature now. How are you doing on that Feng Shuing your whole life thing?

Indianapolis Marriage Counseling InformationGo to this movie this week. Buy some popcorn and put butter on it. Laugh until you cry. Then cry if something touches you (and it probably will).

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