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Written By: Mark Smith

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Managing Abandonment  Issues Through Recovery
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I'm going to break a fundamental Blogging rule today. I'm going to pitch our marriage counseling practice. I know Blogging isn't about selling your gig, that it is obnoxious and too much of a hard sell but please be patient with me here. It is still good stuff. Just this once let me tell you why our practice is fundamentally different and I think clearly superior to the other practices in town. I just believe so strongly in what we are doing here and if you ever need a great therapist I want for you to get someone who is effective, someone who can help you to the fullest ability for therapy to help a marriage.

* SO, WHAT DIFFERENTIATES US? If you have been to a few therapists then honestly, you know that marital therapy is more of an art than a science. Everybody works differently. As you are 'Practice Shop' know that in almost all therapy practices the only thing shared in common is the rent. The practice isn't a Brand and doesn't have a unifying therapeutic philosophy. One therapist might be a Behaviorist, one might be Psychodynamic, one Addictions focused, one Humanistic and one working with a New Age paradigm. It is like going to McDonald's and being able to get Chinese, Mexican, Thai and Italian foods as well as burgers and fries. It is confusing and chaotic. There isn't a well thought out plan.

With most practices therapy is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you are going to get. At Family Tree Counseling Associates we have one powerful, unifying philosophy and it is in our name...Family Tree. I did not make our system up by myself. I learned much of it from a pioneer in Family Systems Theory - Dr. Murray Bowen. click here to learn more about this brilliant man and his theories.

Indianapolis Marriage Counseling InformationI have personally spent hundreds of hours teaching and training each member of my staff to use family trees or genograms as a near magical assessment tool and to then use the results of those assessments to instill shockingly accurate insights into the hearts and minds of our clients.

Our Family Systems approach is proven, clinically sound, practical, logical, highly effective and flat out brilliant! After the assessment I have taught my therapists how to give a bracing, empathetically abrasive initial feedback session geared to instill jaw dropping insights, hope and remarkable direction. You will not get this stunning brand of therapy elsewhere in this town. Your marriage is on the line. The right therapist can make the difference between a rebuilt fulfilling life together or bitter nightmarish divorce. That is the truth. When you have brain surgery you want the best surgeon available. When the future of your marriage and family are at stake you want the best. Our practice has the goods. Our effectiveness is built into our system, a systemic approach that no one else has. Read our articles. Listen to our TeleWorkshops by calling 317-524-1650. Don't roll the dice on the quality of your marital therapist. It is too important to get it right.

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