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Small Blessings
Written By: Mark Smith

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During my recent trip to Myrtle Beach I was surprised by the almost complete lack of large pretty sea shells on the beach. I had never been there in June and perhaps the tides are different during the summer or perhaps all the great shells were already taken by the hordes of bikers from hell that swelled my special beach this time around? At first I was disappointed but the more I thought about it the more I realized that each and every day offers its own treasures to be enjoyed for what they are. Here are the small plain treasures that came to me during my walks...

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During past trips to the beach I have been known to find shells like these...

If she sold seas shells by the sea shore she should certainly sell these for some seriously size able cents. Life doesn't always give you huge, impressive blessings. Many of the shells I found during this trip were tiny, but they had a clear center to them that made them beautiful. I know this sounds trite, but count all of your small blessings. Do you have your health? Do you have a job? Are you managing to keep the wolf from the door thus far? If you are in a relationship I want for you to do something that will only take 5 minutes but it could help you to make a very large investment with your honey. Make a list of as many things that you like and appreciate about your significant other. Write them all down, even if you are unhappily married and your list is short. Now, find a quiet time to talk with your lover and share your list with them, no strings attached. Praise them. It won't cost you a thing and it will make them feel great. We all need to be appreciated and we all need compliments. Your baby may not be a gorgeous shell that is on display as one of natures great works of art. But there are small things about them that are really special and beautiful. Take that in. Celebrate it.

My new collection of small and not so beautiful shells graces the top of my blue ray player now. It looks pretty good. And every time I look at it I think of that particular adventure to the beach with all the ups and downs that went with it. Let the positive little things in, not just about your sweetie but about your whole life. Be content. Enjoy all that life brings you - big, little, good, challenging, imperfect, flawed, wonderful...the full boat.

Okay, I have to these pictures with you. Probably our best therapist is my childhood buddy Jerry Wise. He is amazingly insightful. He looks at the same couple as most therapists do but he sees them in a fresh and unique way that many times is the key to them healing their marital issues. He has mad skills! Nancy, my Assistant made these photos up just for fun to play with Jerry's Yoda like qualities. If you need a Master of healing and insight, our Yoda Jerry is your man!

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