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Mark Smith's 66 Page Illustrated PDF E-Book 'The BASICS for a Healthy Life and Marriage'
Written By: Mark Smith

Healing Toxic Shame Through Recovery
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'Healing Toxic Shame Through Recovery'

Managing Abandonment  Issues Through Recovery
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'The BASICS for a Healthy Life and Marriage' Understanding the Basics of
Codependency, Counterdependency, Shame, Abandonment, Intimacy and
Communication is vital in building healthy lives and marriages.
Mark Smith covers these topics and more in his edgy, informal, likable style.

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is hard.† Relationships are complex and few among us have not been
wounded very deeply, from one or several of them, at one point or
another in our lives.† If you are completely honest with yourself,
your life and especially your relationship, is not what you thought it
would be at this point in your life.† When you were oh so young
and oh so in love you thought it would last.† It hasnít, has
it?† The truth is that few of us have the emotional health to
sustain, maintain and enliven a marriage for decades.† Marriages
drift apart and when they drift apart they are in serious danger.

If you are reading this E-Book, I am
assuming that you are looking for some answers.† I am about to
quite literally give you a great many true, rock solid, life-changing
answers.† Read and apply this book and life will change for you,
amazingly, to the positive.† You are walking around in the dark
and bloodying your shins in the process.† This book will flip on
the light switch for you.† After you digest this book, you will
wonder to yourself how you have made it all these years without the aid
and guidance the concepts in this book will give you.

I had a wonderful dream last
night.† It might be the most wonderful dream that I have ever had
in my life.† In my dream, aliens had invaded our planet, the whole
world was in a panic that they had come to do us harm.† A
beautiful castle formed in the sky that everyone in the world could
see.† The end had come.† But, just then, a very strange thing
happened.† In my mouth and in the mouths of all of the worldís
inhabitants, a very delicious candy began to form.† The candy was
a lightening rod that energized all of the hopes and dreams of those
who tasted it.† Rather than coming to destroy us, the aliens had
come to give each person on earth their wildest dreams come true.†
That was a relief!† The world was not only a vicious place where
we were going to be destroyed; it was a benevolent place where we could
actually have what we have always wanted.† Unfortunately, for most
people, the truth of real life is much closer to the story of aliens
taking everything you have from you than you having your wildest
dreams.† Real life is your husband leaving you for a younger
woman, your wife announcing to you that she would like a divorce, your
boyfriend controlling and criticizing you constantly, fighting all the
time because your girlfriend thinks you are cheating when you arenít,
rarely making love, a great deal of distance in the marriage, not
resolving conflicts, feeling empty, sexual addiction, food addiction,
depression, anxiety, worrying about finances, spending addiction, lies,
betrayal and more lies.† That is the real world for most people.

This book is about putting the
delicious candy of having the ability to make your dreams come true in
your mouth.† This book is filled with that kind of candy.†
You canít fix your condition until you first understand it.† THE
BASICS will give you an overwhelming number of answers to your
questions in your moment of need.† You must understand Enmeshment,
Emotional Cutoff, Interdependency, Codependency, Counterdependency,
Shame, Abandonment, Marriage, Boundaries, Neediness, Intimacy,
Recovery, Triangling, Proactivity and Healthy Communication to have a
healthy life and a healthy marriage.† We will cover all of these
topics and more in the book.† I hope that you have a sweet tooth,
because I am going to give you a lot of very sweet candy that can be a
lightning rod for you to re-invent your life into whatever you want it
to be.

Indianapolis Marriage Counseling Information

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