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Sometimes It Lasts In Love But Sometimes It Hurts Instead
Written By: Mark Smith

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Admittedly, I'm sometimes a little slow to catch on. I heard Adele's 'Someone Like You' last night for the very first time. Wow! What a gorgeous, painful, powerful song! Check out the video, but come right back...Adele - 'Someone Like You' Official Video

'Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.' A more true lyric has never been written! Love is painful. Eventually it will cut you to your very core. The worst possible pain in love, though is when you feel victimized, damaged, treated unfairly and betrayed by the one you loved and trusted the most. I have an amazing, game changing, earth shattering message for you if you feel brutalized by the betrayal of a loved one and you are stuck in dark, bitter, shocked, lonely and unutterably sad place over what happened to you. I have personally witnessed this message radically transform hundreds of otherwise hopelessly doomed relationships. Open up your mind and soul because this truth about love you are about to read has the power to impact your future immeasurably. You aren't living now. You are surviving, barely. You sometimes even despair of even surviving.

Your marriage was blown to shreds by what looks like the calculated, selfish, brazen, insane, ruthless behavior of others. Your happy, safe home is now just a bittersweet memory. Your kids have been devastated, your finances have been destroyed, your image has been brought to ruin and your tender heart has been bruised and battered beyond repair. Talking about your pain is beyond painful and it only serves to make things worse, not better. You are skeptical that anything I could possibly say could help you in the least bit. You are wrong about that.

What if I told you that there was a plan and a reason for what happened to you? What it I told you that what happened was actually mother nature's or God's way of healing your deepest emotional wounds? What if I told you that you were, in fact, never, ever victimized by your unfaithful, addictive, deceitful and most hurtful former spouse? What if I told you that what happened was actually a gift to you? What if I told you that all is fair in love and war? What if I told you that the root cause of your problem was NOT your wayward spouse but rather the wounds from your childhood? What if I told you that your spouse was actually part of your cure?

What if I told you that your story is not over, that in fact you can have an extremely bright future filled with happiness, success and even a healthier and safer relationship someday. All of these things are absolutely 100% true! I am not going to re-invent the wheel here in this short blog. I am going to assign some additional reading. If you have felt victimized by an Ex and you are holding bitterness and resentment that is making you miserable then I want for you to read the following three articles and an E Book that I have written about your situation...

I wish that love weren't so brutally painful. But it is. It is what it is. Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead. So learn from it! Heal from it. If life gives you lemons then make some really awesome lemonade! Squeeze every ounce of proactive insight and growth that you can from the brokenness of your particular marital nightmare. Let it make your better, not bitter. Hold no bitterness or resentment. That is like holding a hot coal in your hand - you are the only one that it hurts. Get busy working on yourself. It is time to heal and move on. You life is about you. Only you are responsible for the condition of your life. Learn from the past, have focus and unbounded enthusiasm in your present and have tremendous hope for your bright, expansive future!

Indianapolis Marriage Counseling Information

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