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Super Passions
Written By: Mark Smith

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Indianapolis Marriage Counseling InformationBeing passionate about your interests is what makes life fun, meaningful, fulfilling and challenging. It is a big, beautiful, unlimited world filled with millions fascinating opportunities for curiosity, exploration and zest for living. Depressed, Codependent, unhappily married people frequently have lost their ability to have fun and be passionate about much of anything. A huge part of the Recovery process is locating and fanning the flames of new or long lost passions. A new passion can quite literally save your life. It can surround you with community and new friends. It certainly makes you a lot more interesting. It can energize like never before. It can years off your age. If your childhood lacked joy, spontaneity, hobbies, interests and fun then your adult life will certainly also be especially void in those areas. A big part of the work in therapy is 'healing your inner child', which is painful and not a lot of fun. However, once your little kid gets some healing they also get to come out and play, which is a total blast! If your life is gray and nothing really floats your boat you need to get yourself to therapy. Life is far from gray - it is exploding with unlimited vibrant colors. One of the sweetest rewards of effective work in therapy is the development of several exciting, joyous, heart pumping, rest of your life long passions that enrich your life beyond words. I wish for you the joy of finding and feeding your passions. It doesn't matter what they are, just that you have them and they have you fully.

I would like to share one of my passions with you this week...NFL Football! I lived in Texas for several when I was little and the only games that were shown were the Dallas Cowboy games. I was a lost kid in my family growing up. I spent countless hours filling the void left in my life by the lack of parental nurturing by rooting for Roger Staubach, Tom Landry and the rest of my beloved Cowboys. My number one passion in life has been playing basketball. While I love to PLAY basketball, I love to WATCH football. Our town has turned into a playground celebrating all that is good about the game of football. From zip lining to free concerts to the spectacular J.W. Marriott hotel,

Indianapolis has been turned into an especially magical and wonderful place. Downtown has been transformed into a 'NFL Times Square' filled with music, excitement, parties and happy people from all around the world. Indianapolis Marriage Counseling Information My little kid really got to come out and play yesterday at the NFL Experience here in Indianapolis. I had a blast kicking field goals, throwing errant passes and just basking in the electric atmosphere the sport's main event brings to a town like ours.It was the coolest event that I have ever experienced. It is the biggest, happiest, most energetic party I've ever attended for sure! Below are some UTube links of me playing around at the NFL Experience. While I can assure you that you won't be overwhelmed by my athleticism, I hope that you catch the spark of joy and little kid passion that I was feeling. It was so much fun! The world is your playground - go play! Prediction - Giants 27 Patriots 24

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