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Creative Sparks Make Life Magical
Written By: Mark Smith

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After being unendingly harassed by our 14 year old daughter for tickets to The Fray concert my wife asked me if I would like to go too as a Father's Day present. Since I had played their hit "How to Save a Life" several million times on my Ipod I said sure, why not. It had been a while since I had attended a real concert. It turned out to be ah, quite an adventure. Well, it started out like a concert nightmare from hell.

First of all, everybody was so young and so good looking! It had to be a requirement for getting through the gate. So how in the heck did I get in you ask. I really don't know. I didn't fit. I wanted to hug the young lady who did actually card me with I bought a beer - boy did that feel good! Then I learned about the awesome territorial power of the blanket. I had foolishly sent my wife in without the blanket while I parked several miles (it seemed) away. When I located her she had secured a very centrally located piece of real estate about the size of a postage stamp. The fellow next to us was sprawled out on his massive12' by 12' blanket all by his lonesome reading the book "God Is Not Great". I guess the rule is if your blanket covers it that ground belongs to you.

While the spatial inequities didn't seem quite fair we were content with our fabulous view of the concert - until it started. No one told me that if you are cool and a true concert fan you actually stand through out the whole production! Are you kidding me? No way! I can't stand for anything for more than 20 minutes without fainting. I certainly didn't want to stand for the warm up band to the warm up band. Since we were in what seemed to be no standing section we were cool, or so I thought. Nobody was standing within 75 yards in any direction except the couple directly in front of us. While we couldn't actually see the band we did have an excellent of two very large and quite unattractive posteriors. I was NOT having fun. Where in our culture is that allowed? Standing in your direct view? This seemed like about the most self-centered thing I had ever seen, but since I was a rookie concert goer I didn't know if I actually had the right to ask them to sit down. I did have an impulse to plunk the guy with my last remaining french fry but I ate it instead.

Since standing seemed to be the acceptable thing that cool people did I hatched a plan to scooch a few feet to the right to a patch of grass about half the size of our current postage stamp perch but with an unhindered view. This plan was greeted with a vicious glare from a woman who claimed to be saving that space for friends. I was SO miserable. Since we couldn't actually move our legs I very kindly asked Mr. Huge Blanket if he would mind moving just a few feet up so that we could have a little room. He replied "no thank you" to my request as if saying thank you somehow made it polite. I was steaming by now and I have to confess that I did then question his personal integrity in no uncertain terms. Yes, I used a bad word. I'm not a violent fellow, but I imagined myself sucker punching Mr. Huge Blanket where he would not soon forget it. I almost launched into a literary critique of his reading material before restraining myself. I assumed that self-centeredness was a big part of the concert scene.

So by now I was ruing the day I signed on for this torture. The warm up band made my ears bleed, I was hot and I would rather have taken a beating than live the last 2 hours of my life over again. I paid $150.00 for this? I was in an alternative universe where I was ancient, unattractive, uncool AND I had no right whatsoever to personal space of any kind. Yippee. This is where my nightmare turned into an adventure. Isaac Slade and The Fray took the stage and I was transfixed for the next 2 hours. His creative energy and his incredible pipes transformed me from the pit of concert going hell to a mellow positive place of good vibes, peace and snuggles with the wife. The band made me ponder love and they made me laugh. The fact that we were all in the middle of an infestation of literally millions of med flies only added to the fun. I was in awe of how the creative energy that came mainly from one man could completely overpower all the negative energy that was going on for me.

Creativity makes life interesting, entertaining and worth living. I want to encourage my readers to try to locate their own life changing creative sparks. Pick up that dusty guitar and start playing it again. Sign up for that photography class that you've been thinking about. Write a poem. Read a very good book. Get tickets to a play. Like me you probably won't turn out to be the next Isaac Slade. But you will enrich and sweeten your life tremendously if you make time to fan the flames of your own creativity. Have some fun. And if you see Mr. Huge Blanket tell him I have nothing but love for him.

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