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Reminiscing With Siblings Can Be Heart Warming And Funny!
Written By: Mark Smith

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I received a gift this week that I just have to share with you. It started with an e-mail from my sister Sarah:

"Dear Siblings - Todays weather trivia question was: What historic weather event rocked Lubbock, TX, on May 11, 1970? Answer: a devastating F5 tornado that even twisted a high rise building.

It brings back memories. I recall lying under the bed with everyone, except Mom and Chuck, who were in a closet nearby."

That began a dialogue between me and my five siblings from Florida to Tulsa to Indy. My older brother Chuck chimed in next:

"I have not so nice memories from that unfortunate day."

Then my sister Beth: "I remember some people being in the bathtub. Only, I thought it happened in Montana, not Texas - so much for my memory. I have really vivid memories of that day, for a 4-year-old."

The e-mails kept coming : "I remember walking around afterwards and there were trees or branches and garbage all over." - Sarah

I finally got free from clients long enough to be able to contribute to the conversation: "The way I remember it was I was heroically braving it with Mom in the closet while Chucky was under the bed. We watched "Lew Dee" the Friday night scary movie host with a painted white face talk about the tornado. It was surreal - do you guys remember that?"

"Chuck was in the closet as I remember...You were chasing Dorothy and Toto around in the living room." - Sarah

"I don't remember anything." - Sam

"Sam, there was Dad going to Vietnam twice, the SIDS death of baby Lisa, an F5 Tornado, a marital breakup in Montana, a remarriage to a child molester, and our mother going to jail... Hello, these were some of the highlights of your childhood!" - Sarah

"Are you sure - I must have been watching leave it to Beaver - I always wondered what happened to Wally" - Sam

"Wally got beat by his Step-Dad while Beaver was getting ignored and neglected." - Sarah

And the best contribution from my sister Renda in Tulsa: "My memories place all of the kids under a bed, with the exception of Mark who was in the closet. Chuck remained under the bed to help pacify us.

Mom and Mark were listening to the radio. I recall driving around and seeing a lot of devastation, including the roof partially blown off our school. Chuck and Mark were in the Boy Scouts and they helped the Red Cross with the clean up. Other highlights of my childhood include:

Going to church with my family, watching my brothers play little league, living with Grandma for 6 months in the 2nd grade, trying to keep Sarah warm while we waited for a school bus in the snow in Montana, listening to Mom sing, watching the Sound of Music a thousand times, watching and listening to Chuck and Mark play the guitar and sing, listening to Grandma play the organ, having a paper route and getting nickel tips, planting flowers in Grandmas greenhouse, wearing pretty dresses, trying to learn how to play bridge from Dad - I never got it, going to Butler, PA with Dad when I was 14 to meet his family, fishing for catfish in Texas, helping Gramma pick lettuce and tomatoes, getting a bicycle on Christmas when I was 9, holding Lisa Marie and watching cartoons with her on Saturday mornings, and being disappointed that Sam was a patrol guard in the 5th grade while I was not." - Renda

"Sorry about the patrol thing. I was a year older. I cant remember as much as you can. Did I have a childhood? It all went so fast and much is a fog now.

Good memories, Renda." - Sam

"Agreed...awesome Renda...thanks." - Chuck

"We all have bad memories and they are easy to remember. It is the good times that we forget"

- Renda

I could not have said it any better. Get together with your people and reminisce a while - it's priceless. See you next week.

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