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Written By: Mark Smith

Healing Toxic Shame Through Recovery
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'Healing Toxic Shame Through Recovery'

Managing Abandonment  Issues Through Recovery
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"The helps I received from Family Tree literally saved my life." - F.F.

"I still look back on my time at Family Tree as one of those pivotal life moments. It changed not only how I see myself, but it also positively changed my relationships, my children, my job, my life." - K.S.

"The work I have done and continue to do at Family Tree has had and will continue to have a priceless, positive affect on my own childs journey through life." - A.Z.

"The Family Tree staff is very caring, understanding and professional. The atmosphere at there is one of complete and total safety." -M.B.

"The insight, confidence and enhanced communication skills I gained at Family Tree have been very helpful in my journey to self-improvement." - A. F.

Group Therapy Testimonials

"Group gave me a safe and protective environment in which to share feelings and my heart with others. Group also allowed me the opportunity to work on why I react to various people in certain ways and why I have problems with different people and situations." -KW

"Sharing in group provides a proofreading effect for your own issues. Sharing with others can help you see what you personally tend to overlook. Sharing in group is good practice in not keeping secrets. If you have a lot of shame, you probably tend to keep secrets. Hearing the trials of others first hand can help you understand how people work. It is likely that you could find inspiration or ideas that pertain to your own situation. In Group you are free to pursue your notions and ask questions. Your Therapist cannot provide your sole source of support while in recovery. Group provides an additional level of support." - MA

"Before you say no to the notion of group therapy ask yourself:

1. Is there any place I can go and not be judged? Instead be truly accepted.

2. Is there any person in your world you can set down with and be 100% HONEST? I mean pour it out, not feel weird in exploring your emotional side.

3. Is there a place you truly feel SAFE? Therapeutically safe is a wonderful experience! Well I think I can vouch for my group in saying absolutely that the answers to those questions is GROUP! Group is the safest place for me to cry, be open, and be vulnerable which are just a few components to recovery. I could not imagine my life without group." - PJM

"Participation in group therapy opens a wider view from my pain - like tunnel vision.

It is a safe place to practice healthy behaviors and interaction. How could I have imagined the ambivalence with which I entered group therapy to morph into embracing its liberating dynamics! Thank you Family Tree!" - JMB

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